7 Mar 2018

Third natural egg (AR G1 W1 P7)

I opened up Albia to find Lucy walking into a wall constantly, as well as a perfect excuse to take a snapshot of the harp! I also found both Bruno and Darius to be hungry, so I had to feed them first. Once I had finished feeding carrots to them both, Lucy had already navigated to the basement and gotten herself out of the situation. Scanning her with the Health kit, however, I found her to be a wee bit peckish so I fed her as well. With all of that out of the way I also scanned her with the Breeder's kit to find her pregnancy was currently at stage 6.

Some time passes and I look away from Lucy for just one very short moment and here she is with the new egg as pictured. In fact, speaking of which, Lucy appears to be pretty camera-shy today! I am currently considering whether I should hatch the egg and hope for a female, or if I should interrupt it and hold on to it for a later date so I can hatch a batch of eggs together. However that could leave Bruno quite lonely. I have been planning on increasing viewer interaction on this blog though, so perhaps I should start some method for viewers to name these norns, or perhaps have a norn named after themselves?

Looking at our performance so far, we appear to have accumulated a lot of Breeders Score lately. I am still not sure if the goal I set myself will keep me on G1 W1 (Albia) for far too long for my liking, or if the length isn't actually that much of a bad thing, as it lets us get very comfortable in Albia before moving to the next world?

Curiosity takes me as I continue to study the Performance kit - what would happen if my Breeders Score got too high? Would the game crash or perhaps the score would just stop increasing? Would it escape the restrictions and start blocking where the text says "Breeders Score" or would more digits be added, putting more numbers towards the right? Or, would the number overflow and become something very low?

Before I end this post, please don't forget about the poll! It ends at the very beginning of Friday, so if you want to have your say in the future of the run, be sure to cast your vote!

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