13 Sept 2018

The Return! (AR G1 W1 P9)

Hello again everyone! We're finally back after all this time. It might not be a Friday, but I intend on concluding the poll today anyways.
Seeing as the poll results were tied by the time that the poll reached its deadline, I decided to flip a coin (Heads for cow, Tails for Stove) between the two results and I am afraid to say for those who voted for the Working Stove that The Cow came out on top of that coin flip.
And to take care of another loose end: I still remember the bonus I gave out to people who requested userbars from me back when I was still taking requests. Nobody requested any norn names, so I will be defaulting to the requesting usernames. The people who got userbars from me were Civvi, veevveeeza and Dragoler, in that order, so the next three female norns will be named as such in that order.

So starting off again in the world, I began to guide Lucy towards the Island teleporter. Basically, I had figured out that there was another spot where I can isolate norns, which is the platform on the island. Norns who are staying there can be fed using the carrot vendor and can only leave and enter through the teleporter. This allows me to free up the basement and beehives for an additional norn, which makes it safe for me to hatch a fourth norn without them crossing paths with another norn too often. I also moved Darius over to the basement, just to make sure he's not too far from Lucy.

As well as that, I also injected the Drive Computer COB that I made a while back, as I am quite fond of it. Speaking of which, I still need to finish up and release the Noun Computer COB. Don't let me forget!
To take advantage of this new COB, I moved Bruno to the Temple where he can use the computer not just to learn Drives, but also to keep his boredom at bay. This frees up the Incubator and Computer Room for the hatching of a new norn.

I don't really have much else to write for this post at the moment, so I suppose I'll keep making new posts if there are any recent developments in the world. For now, see you next time!

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