28 Feb 2018

Creatures Adventure run G1 W1 P2 (Mirrored)

(Post mirrored from Albian Engineering.)
I've been playing Creatures 1 again recently and both of my norns have reached breeding age. As per usual, I waited until Darius was fertile and at peak sex drive and then I waited until Lucy was on her downwards estrogen cycle and peak sex drive.

When I tried to pair them together, Lucy just fell asleep as soon as she came down the lift into the temple but Darius was still able to kisspop her. I waited for a while in the Breeder's Kit to check if she was pregnant, and indeed she was. Let's hope it's not a false one.
 I moved her up to Yggsdrasil in order to separate her from Darius for her pregnancy. Eventually she laid her egg.

After that, I moved her to the hives and waited for the egg to get a bit larger before I decided to move it into the incubator. I had originally planned to just let it hatch naturally but then I remembered that I have to teach the norn through the computer, so hatching it in the incubator would be more convenient. However when I hatched the egg, this happened.

Drat, a stillbirth. It's a shame too because I managed to get a female, which is ideally the norn you want to hatch first because it takes longer for them to become fertile. However this shows that the Natural Eggs objective is much easier to achieve than the Reach Generation objective as norns have to survive to pass on the next generation.

I think that should be enough for now so it is now time for me to get to work on today's CCSF post.

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