28 Feb 2018

Creatures Adventure run G1 W1 P3 (Mirrored)

(Post mirrored from Albian Engineering.)
Been playing my world again lately. Let's see what has happened in it!
I've been having Lucy at the left side of the world again by the hives for her to recover from her pregnancy, which she eventually did. Next I had to wait for her estrogen cycle before moving her over to Darius.
I checked the Breeder's Kit and waited patiently, and we have a confirmed pregnancy! I quickly moved Lucina back over the raft and Darius up the lift to end the meeting. When Lucy arrived at the hives, I watched her pregnancy through the Breeder's Kit, hoping for an egg. And luckily for us, there was no false pregnancy!

I noticed Darius was getting hungry, so I had to go feed him while I wait for the egg to grow larger. After keeping Lucy away from the cable car for a while, the egg was finally at liftable size, so I moved it into the incubator. Let's hope it isn't a stillbirth this time!
Thankfully, the baby survived! He seems to have inherited none of the appearance genes from his mother, appearing as a pure Purple Mountain Norn in appearance. I've so far noticed no odd mutations and I've moved him up to the computer and fed him. Looks like we're finally off to a good start!

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