4 Mar 2018

Photos of Albia (AR G1 W1 P6)

Just before the pregnancy was confirmed in the Breeder's kit, the cable car had conveniently arrived as if it secretly knew I would be wanting to use it right now. As soon as Lucy woke up I called her into the cable car and sent her on her way back down to the beehives, while I fed Darius (and wrestled with the cable car lever again!).

With Darius sleeping in the lift I went over to check on how Bruno is doing. It turns out that while I was with Darius and Lucy, Bruno had worked up quite an appetite! I fed him three carrots and left him with his drink. As he had been so studiously tapping away at the computer, his boredom levels were very low.

As I went back to Darius to feed him some carrots I found my eyes drawn to something in the background. A huge mountain. Now while it is known the main part of the background was sculpted in real life, I always wondered what process was used to make the
distant background. Judging from the way that this mountain wrinkles as well as the rocky, dusty texture of it I would assume at first glance that this was made using 3D modelling, perhaps some old method of terrain creation coupled with a grainy texture. The way it stands out against the sky leads me to believe that the original render was completely isolated and just pasted in front of the sky. As for the clouds which sweep past it I am not sure, but I doubt those were made in 3D.

Whoa, where was I? Oh yes, I was about to check on Lucy to see how her pregnancy is going. So far we have a 5 and counting, here's hoping it's not a false pregnancy! As for her drives, which I gave a quick scan using the Health Kit beforehand, she is perfectly content aside from a little bit of pain from wallbonking. She is currently playing with the slideshow projector once again, which she does indeed appear to enjoy! Who doesn't enjoy photos of the Albian landscape?

Before I sign off for this post I would like to announce a poll! Next Friday I will be adding a new COB to this run and you will be given the choice between three COBs, be it the cow, the television for Albia or maybe even the working oven? Please vote in the poll (Located on the right hand side of the site) for which COB you want to be added to this run the most and check back on Friday when it will be added to the current world!

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