3 Mar 2018

What's your favourite part of Albia? (AR G1 W1 P5)

The teleporter has always been an effective means to distance two norns from each other. After I finished feeding Lucy, Darius was extremely bored. When I passed him a microscope to play with I moved over to Bruno, who was in the same place he has been for most of these updates.

A quick scan from the Health Kit to check his drives - he appeared to be rather hungry! As I was feeding him I spotted Darius advancing towards the incubator in the corner of my eye. He stumbled obliviously right into the wall behind the incubator and as he did so, Bruno made straight for the teleporter of his own accord. Taking advantage of this convenience, I called the lift down for Darius to take Bruno's space.

Checking back on Lucy I made the decision to move her to Darius to try for another norn. As I called her to the cable car I took a moment to reflect (while also wrestling with the switch!) on the existence of the cable car in the game. It is indeed a very novel concept and you just have to think of the thought process that went behind it's development, how it syncs up with the background of Albia as well as the direction it moves in. One wonders what interesting e-mail conversations could've been had between developers regarding this concept. In fact, the tube train in Creatures 2 could very well have been inspired from this cable car!

When Lucy finally arrived at the treehouse I saw that Darius was out with Bruno. I used the power of the teleporter to split Bruno away from Darius and then I called Darius up the lift to meet with Lucy. However, when Darius was halfway up the lift he immediately fell asleep!

Darius lied there, snoring, while Lucy tried her best to wake him gently. After a few pushes, he woke up with a smile, returning the favour with a kisspop! However, upon checking the Breeder's Kit I saw no pregnancy. Lucy was getting rather tired and Darius was feeling rather hungry, but they tried again a few more times and a second kisspop was had just before Lucy decided to take a nap. Checking the Breeder's kit once more I had confirmed a pregnancy!

Before I sign off for this post I have a question for all of you avid Creatures fans out there. What is your favourite part of Albia? Do you enjoy the cable car, the teleporter network or perhaps the relaxing environment of the lighthouse and the island? Please leave a comment reflecting on which parts of Albia you like the best!


  1. I've always really found the kitchen relaxing.

  2. I'm split between the music temple and the telescope tower.


  3. I like the beehives and treetops!