28 Feb 2018

Creatures Adventure Mode (Mirrored)

(Post mirrored from Doringo's Dominion.)
I've been recently thinking up a new game-mode of sorts for the Creatures series, however mostly just for Creatures 1 and 2. There are other worlds for C1 and C2, but I don't see them get much use.

When thinking back to Creatures PS1 and how norns would progress from world to world on an adventure, I had an idea for a game-mode, a set of self-imposed rules to spice up your Creatures experience.

The game mode is Adventure Mode. Basically how it works is that you start off in Creatures 1 on the default Albia and you have to try to fulfill an objective, be it to get 20 natural eggs, reach generation 15, amass a certain amount of Breeder's score, et cetera. Once that objective is fulfilled, you can move any norn which is past the native generation, such as 1st gen for instance if we're talking about the first world in the conquest, to the next world in the list. There should be a limit of sorts to how many norns you can move to the next world, maybe only a party of 4, with at least one male and one female at minimum.

The main intention of this besides to spice the game up is to allow users to bend the rules to suit the experience they want to create. You can come up with your own little cheesy story for how the norns are getting to these different worlds, like maybe they walk across Albia and find this weird building at night and that's how they end up in the Albian Museum world.

I plan on doing this myself, and maybe writing a few blog posts about my experiences. If you want a general outline of the way it plays, see this copy-paste from the rich text file I used to plan it out.

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