28 Feb 2018

Creatures Adventure run G1 W1 P1 (Mirrored)

(Post mirrored from Albian Engineering.)
So I've decided to play out the game-mode myself, as a kind of trial run. So as explained in the rich text document, we're starting out in the default Albia and I'm not too sure on what to have as my objective yet. I think 25 natural eggs might work, or generation 10. I'll have to see which comes first and check my breeders score when it happens.

Starting out, we have our first norn, Lucy. She's a nice norn with good initiative who has a tendency to follow my hand on sight. And also likes to shoot me out of the sky with a cannon.
Our second norn is Darius. He's very similar to Lucy, but he tends to get stuck in the incubator lift a lot. He also likes tea very much.
As usual, I've hidden all of the hooch and cheese away from where my norns can find them, so I can ration my cheese and keep the hooch safely stored away when we ain't partying. The grendel has made his way to the island, giving us plenty of room in the world.

I'm not sure what else to write for now, so I'll write up another post when more stuff has happened in the world.

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