8 Mar 2018

Natural Hatchery (AR G1 W1 P8)

After checking Lucy's age (by hours and minutes) in the Owner's kit, she should still have enough hours to have more children. As a result of that I've made my decision to keep the egg safe until later. If for any reason I end up with only one creature left in this world I will definitely hatch a third hatchery egg to give them a partner. Since Bruno is 3 hours younger than my main couple he might have enough time to breed with a hatchery female norn should the need arise, so long as the norn can grow and mature quickly enough for Bruno.

Lucy struggled to eat at first and decided to have a nap instead while Bruno was happy and enjoying himself by the computer with no particularly high drives. Meanwhile, Darius was steadily getting hungrier. He was bored at first but started playing with the piano in the temple to pass the time, however after he eyed a lemon on the trellis in the distance he definitely felt his stomach rumbling.

Coming back to Lucy I saw that her pregnancy recovery countdown was at 4 and she was riding the raft back and forth until I moved her back over to the basement. However, in the corner of my eye...

The egg is hatching! I quickly lifted it to freeze it into this stage for later incubation. That's the first egg in my natural egg hatchery for now! The plan is to acquire even more natural eggs for this hatchery and when Darius and Lucy become pensioners I will incubate the eggs to hatch the next generation of this world.

However, one thing worries me a bit. Is there some kind of egg limit in Creatures 1? If there is, that could be detrimental to this plan however it would depend on how restrictive the limit is. If it was something like 6 I might be able to handle it, but if it
was more like 2 or 1 for natural eggs I might have quite the problem on my hands.

After this however, I caught Bruno sleeping badly. He was standing up to sleep with a sad expression, turning left and right every now and then. As any seasoned Creatures 1 player knows, when this happens it means the norn is in fact not getting any satisfaction from this rest. I'm not sure myself why this happens, but it isn't good for norns at all and you should try to get them to sleep properly if you can.

While I was occupied with Bruno I caught Lucy running off with the egg in the corner of my eye and I have to admit, it definitely made me chuckle! To wrap up for today I would like to ask all of you readers to please vote in the poll, as it is the final day for which you will be able to do so!

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  1. I don't think there's an egg limit. I remember having this one norn, Suth she was called, who never seemed to stop being pregnant. She was like an eternal egg machine. Anyway, the number of eggs she used to leave lying around was staggering, way over the limits for C3 and DS.