8 Mar 2018

Userbars available at request!

Hello everyone. I am now taking requests for custom Userbars, please leave a reply in the thread, message me directly or comment on this post with your specifications!

How to use a Userbar
A Userbar is a wide image which fits into your forum signature. To use one, simply enter {img=Replace this with the Userbar image address}{/img} into your signature. Make sure you replace the curly braces with circular brackets first!

Additional requestable details
Here are the following details which are also available on request:
• Patterns: Forward-diagonal bars (default), Backwards-diagonal bars, Vertical bars, Horizontal bars, Large grid, Diagonal cross, Outlined diamond and Large checker board.
• Specific accompanying image (If not specified I will pick one of my choosing, must be Creatures related.)
• Specific text. (If not specified I will go with the subject of the request)

What to request?

Userbars can show off a variety of different interests, but they have also been used to add a bit of personal flair to one's signature! You can request a personal userbar based on your profile (much like a secondary avatar) or you could request a userbar about something which you like a lot in the Creatures series (Such as the science kit, Norn Terrarium and Learning computer.) Please keep it related to Creatures!

As an added bonus, anyone who receives a completed userbar is guaranteed to be added to a list of names for the Adventure Run.When a norn is born in the Adventure Run, a random name will be chosen from this list to be the name of the newborn norn! If you have received multiple requested userbars, your name will be added multiple times to the list to a maximum of 4 times. If your name is picked multiple times during the run, the norn will have a roman numeral appended to their name. You may also specify a norn name with your request, which ignores the limit if it's not too similar to your username.

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